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Christian McCarthy

Psychic Christian McCarthy

I am a compassionate clairvoyant psychic & medium in the Olympia, WA area. I have been doing readings for 14 years now, and even though I started later in my life, clients have appreciated the life experience and maturity I bring to each session. 

As a medium, I truly love helping those who seek to connect with passed over loved ones. Having lost my father when I was 12 years old I can truly understand the desire for such a connection. Sometimes who you want to connect with comes right in and sometimes it's someone you didn't expect to come through.  Regardless, whoever chooses to step forward tends to deliver wonderful messages. I know it's hard not to have expectations but I have found, over the years, that coming with an open mind and having little to no expectations can help facilitate a wonderful reading.

As a psychic I have helped many clients deal with life's challenges. It's important for me to help you to connect with your higher self and give confirmation on what your heart is telling you. Whether the question is about all the different kinds of relationships, your future path, or for inner guidance. I love walking this path helping others into a new life of connecting with the true loving self.

I have worn so many "metaphorical hats" in my life. Some I had for a short time and others I definitely wore out. But, as far back as I can remember, I've always been a psychic and medium. It's who I was born to be. Over the past 14 years, since I opened myself up to the world, I have truly enjoyed the journey!


So, if your heart and/or mind compels you, smack that contact button up above, and lets do a reading! I have a professional office at the Marston Center, in Lacey, WA., that is in the greater Olympia, WA area.

I also do readings through Zoom or over the phone. So, if you're not in the area we can still connect.

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Sessions can be done face-to-face or Zoom video call. Please contact us for any personal queries

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